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Bike share is a short term bicycle rental program designed to provide short term (1 hour or less) one way trips. Such systems have kiosks where riders to pick up and/or drop off their bikes. Bike sharing can help cut down intra-urban automobile trips and provide greater flexibility for transit riders by offering more convenient first-mile, last-mile transportation option.


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System brand City served
Austin B-cycle Austin
Bay Area Bike Share San Francisco
San Jose
Bay Bikes San Mateo
Beverly Hills Bike Share Beverly Hills
Boise GreenBike Boise
Boulder B-cycle Boulder
Breeze Bike Share Santa Monica
DecoBike San Diego San Diego
Denver B-cycle Denver
El Paso B-cycle El Paso
Fort Worth B-cycle Fort Worth
GREENbike Salt Lake City
Great Rides Bike Share Fargo
Grid Bike Share Phoenix
Heartland B-cycle Omaha
Council Bluffs
Houston B-cycle Houston
Kansas City B-cycle Kansas City
Long Beach Bike Share Long Beach
McAllen B-cycle McAllen
Metro Bike Share Los Angeles
RTC Bike Share Las Vegas
San Antonio B-cycle San Antonio
Spokies Oklahoma City
Topeka Metro Bikes Topeka
WE-cycle El Jebel
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