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AC Transit accepts cash and Clipper cards. 31-day passes are available on Clipper cards only. Youth riders need to register in advance to receive a youth Clipper card, which can load youth passes.

Local and rapid routes

Cash single ride Clipper single ride Day pass 31-day ticket
Adult $2.10 $2.00 $5.00 $75.00
Youth (5-17) $1.05 $1.00 $2.50 $20.00
Senior (65 or over) and Disabled $1.05 $1.00 $2.50 $20.00 (monthly sticker for RTC Discount card)

For riders paying with Clipper, day pass is automatically applied on the third trip and good for unlimited rides until 3:00am.

Transbay routes

Cash/Clipper single ride Transbay 31-day pass
Adult $4.20 $151.20
Youth (5-17) $2.10 not available
Senior (65 or over) and Disabled $2.10 not available


Transfers are free for transbay bus riders paying with Clipper to another local bus 2 hours after the first boarding. For local-to-transbay transfers, riders with Clipper will be charged for the fare difference on the transbay bus 2 hours after the first boarding.

BART to bus transfers provide $0.25 discount for cash riders and $0.50 discount for riders paying with Clipper.

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