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Las Vegas Monorail is a 3.6 mile all-elevated rail line connecting destinations on the east side of the Las Vegas Strip. The service is operated by a private company. All vehicles are wheelchair accessible at all stations. Monorail vehicles generally operate every few minutes and take less than 15 minutes travel from end to end.

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One way Day pass 3-day pass Nevada resident ticket
$5 $9 $27 $1

One way tickets, day passes, and 3-day passes can be purchased at ticket machines at each station. As a fare-gate-controlled system, riders have to insert the ticket/pass at the fare gate before boarding. Nevada resident tickets must be purchased at the customer service center. 2-tickets can be purchased per person per day.


    Route and stations

    Some hotels have direct access to the station. Riders from other hotels/casinos generally have to walk through the hotels (passing by shops and casino floor) that have direct access to get to the station.


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