San Mateo – Hayward Bridge

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San Mateo - Hayward Bridge links San Mateo and Foster City on the mid-Peninsula with Hayward in the East Bay.

The current base toll is $5, charged in the westbound direction. Carpool vehicles with 2 or more persons can cross the bridge for $2.50 on weekdays between 5am - 10am and 3pm - 6pm. FasTrak is accepted for payment.



Bikes and pedestrians

The bridge is closed to pedestrian and bicycle traffic.


Over the Bridge

  AC Transit M    Hayward BART Station - Hillsdale Station


  • BART provides all-day train service between the East Bay and Millbrae via San Francisco. SamTrans routes ECR, as well as Caltrain serve San Mateo and connect with BART at Millbrae Station.
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